Dynamic Trees

Mod Dynamic Trees - realistic new trees for minecraft.

This mod replaces in-game trees with realistic and more beautiful ones, they grow like real ones, come in different shapes, grow gradually, have branches, can grow around obstacles, fall completely to one side when cutting, the growth rate depends on the biome and temperature.

This is one of the best mods for minecraft, as it will fully and in great detail rework the game trees, as well as many popular mods. The tree begins to grow from a small sprout, gradually increasing, branches grow, the trunk becomes wider, more than 100 changes take place from planting to an adult tree.

These trees will not grow in the dark, the leaves that are not exposed to the sun will die, the tree itself may begin to rot. If you walk on the foliage, you will start to fall in, if you fall on the foliage, you will not receive damage, but the leaves will break. Trees have a root system that can be used as bone meal, potions can be used on trees, some will kill the tree, others will speed up growth. By breaking the bottom block you will break the whole tree, a certain amount of wood will fall from it.