Chisels & Bits

Chisels & Bits mod is an incredibly cool mod that will allow you to create any game decorations by modifying large blocks and create your own using small blocks and special tools (chisels). With this mod, you can easily build any furniture and any decorations, because with this mod, each large block will consist of 4096 small blocks, and you can remove each one or replace it with another material.

The main tool of the mod is a chisel, it allows you to change large blocks by removing pieces of different sizes from them. The tool has several modes of operation and is switched by pressing Shift + scrolling with the mouse wheel. You can remove 1 smallest block at a time, or whole layers, arbitrary shapes or large cubes. Thanks to this tool, you can cut off everything unnecessary from the block.

To add a block, you must use the small block tool, which has a similar feature set as the chisel, but it adds rather than takes away.

A very important tool is the ability to copy your own creations and quickly reproduce in other places, you can copy both the blocks that are left and the blocks that you removed, i.e. you can create a certain cast and change other blocks on it, this will allow you to create a decorative element once, and then just copy.

The mod is very similar to LittleTiles, similarly, with this mod you can do literally anything, from small decorations to new blocks, drawings on glass, inscriptions, unique columns and buildings.