Chisel 2-3

Mod Chisel - many new decorative blocks for Minecraft, numbers.

This mod adds a huge, gigantic number of new beautiful decorative blocks to Minecraft, all of them are created on the basis of ordinary game blocks, but with the help of a special tool (chisel) you can change the usual block into about 15 different varieties, with different patterns, textures, etc. And this change can be made for all game blocks, so together with the really new blocks, the mod adds about 2200 new blocks. (about 30 new jay tabs, 77 blocks each). If you are tired of the usual minecraft and want to add new blocks for construction, then this mod will perform and even exceed this task.

Other versions of the Chisel mod, 2, 3:

There are also versions of the mod on the net like Chisel 2 and even Chisel 3, but in fact this is the same mod, just for different versions of the game. At the moment, the developers have settled on a single name, the mod for all versions is called Chisel.