Datapack ZCBM Guns

Datapack ZCBM Guns - Adds various modern weapons that will easily deal with crowds of mobs.

The weapons from this datapack have their own ammo, reload, and recoil. When hitting some non-solid blocks, the projectiles destroy them. To reload a weapon, hold it in your left hand and ammo for that weapon in your right hand, and swap items in your hands (F key by default). Reload the required number of rounds into the weapon. All weapons are created on a new workbench, to create them - place the ejector with a hole up and drop an undamaged anvil on it.
List of weapons:
Pistol, Shotgun, Automatic, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, Minigun, Grenade Launcher, RPG-7, Flamethrower, Crossbow, Chainsaw, Grenade.
It does not make sense to describe each of this list, since the name makes it clear what it does, and for more information, see under the spoiler below :p
Weapon crafting recipes:

Create your weapon

You can customize the appearance of the weapon, its damage, recoil, projectile flight speed and everything that can be changed in it, thereby creating your own unique weapon. Unfortunately, you can’t add a crafting recipe and your own model (which is not in the resource pack) to him, but still it’s already cool.