Minecraft blocks

Mod for new blocks allows you to make the game more diverse. It will be useful for any builders and those who want to design their own maps, making them more unique.

Features of mods with new blocks

Conventionally, they can be divided into several categories:

• decorative - used only for building or storing resources, as in the Compressed mod;
• themed - blocks can have additional effects, impose statuses or give random items, as in the Lucky Block or Skulked mod;
• mixed - such mods combine both the introduction of new decorative blocks and the addition of interesting effects, which makes the construction unusual.

Some mods go too far. An example is Biomes'O'Plenty, which adds more than 70 biomes, many types of plants, trees and breeds to the game. Since you can get a block in Minecraft using crafting or mining with a pickaxe, this modification can greatly diversify any world.

Secret Rooms allows the player to create invisible floors, doors, and special "Ghost" blocks that can be passed through but not exited. A rare free block in Minecraft can provide a valuable resource that is impossible to get in any other way.

What versions are supported

Mods can be installed on any version of Minecraft with Forge.

Where and how to download block mods

For this you need:

1. Go to the Forge page.
2. Download the version for your client.
3. Choose the mod you like (more mods are available here).
4. Download the dependencies and the modification itself.

Next, you only need to install Forge.

How to install

Would need:

1. Use a combination of Win + R.
2. Enter in the line "%appdata%\.minecraft\mods" (without quotes).
3. Move the previously downloaded archive with the mod to the folder.

After that, you need to start the game, where only installed components will appear in the list of available addons.