Traverse Legacy Continued
This mod adds 722 new biomes, which are modified vanilla biomes: forests, fields, swamps and deserts.
But despite this, the new biomes are quite different from their predecessors. And at first they even look somehow unusual due to the changed color of the grass, the density and height of the trees.

List of biomes
The Autumnal Woods - Autumn oak forest. Yellow-red grass and foliage. Mini Jungle - Miniature jungle, no tall trees, hilly, lots of water. Woodlands - A plain with yellow grass and low trees, shrubs, and fallen trees. Meadow - Meadow covered with grass and flowers. Very bright grass. Green Swamp - Swamp with taller bright green trees. Red Desert - Desert with red sand. Temperate Forest - Tall, dense spruces and very varied terrain. Dark grass. Badlands - Dry plains with boulders and flagstones covering part of the surface Mountainous Desert - mountainous desert with some rock formations Rocky Plateau - Raised area with rare trees and boulders Forested Hills - Forest with hilly terrain Birch Forested Hills - Birch forest with hilly terrain Autumnal Wooded Hills - Autumn forest with hilly terrain Cliffs - High stone mountains with flat walls and top Glacier - Ice Hills with Snow Glacier Spikes - Glacier biome with ice spikes Snowy Coniferous Forest - High spruce forest covered with snow. Lush Hills - Hilly forest with lush foliage. Desert Shrubland - Desert grassy patches with tiny oak bushes Arid Highland - Hilly desert with patches of grass Thicket - Dense dense trees with rough muddy grass floor, fallen trees, bushes. Rocky Plains - Green and less flat plains with large areas of rock, shrubs and boulders. In version 1.14.4, there are now a total of 13 biomes.