The Legend of Herobrine

The mod is dedicated to Herobrine and will add items related to it, and of course the monster itself will also be added. Moreover, in addition to the herobrine itself, the player will be pursued by a pig with white eyes, and a sheep, and a couple of mobs so that the player is not bored. Herobrine himself will rarely appear and in his hand he will have a sword from bedrock with cool characteristics (drops it after his death).
Herobrine can only be summoned with the help of special equipment and a diamond (unusual, it is cursed). Without these manipulations, herobrine will not come by itself.

In new versions of the mod, the author added cursed mobs that have Herobrine's eyes, as well as several types of Herobrine himself, one has a sword and will attack, the second will watch you, the third can build some structures, the fourth can use magic and create his own illusions.

In addition to new mobs, cursed things and a cursed set of tools will appear in the game - they are pink-purple in color and look bright. All these items are cooler than diamond ones, so it makes sense to craft them. One new biome will appear in the world - a cursed forest, a forest in which the trees have no leaves, several new structures will appear in the world, among which is a house with loot and explosives, a poorly lit tunnel, some strange block structures that will remind you of the presence of Herobrine in this the world.