Biomes O Plenty

A mod called Biomes O Plenty adds a huge number of new biomes to the world of minecraft, as well as new vegetation: flowers and new types of trees. The mod adds more than 70 new biomes to the game, which makes the game world incredibly diverse and realistic, now while traveling you can find a truly unique nature.

There are both frightening biomes (dead lands, large swamps, scorched forest), and peaceful and simply beautiful (for example, there is a well-groomed forest (everything is green there, just like in the alpha versions of minecraft), a forest of birches or a snowy forest). The mod has a long history of development, depending on the version of minecraft, it adds a different number of biomes, some biomes are in the old ones and are absent in the new ones, some are the other way around. Biomes about Plenty can be considered the best mod for new biomes in minecraft.

For the mod to work, you need to create a new world with generation - Biomes O Plenty