Aether 2

The Aether 2 mod is a major mod that adds a new dimension to minecraft - Paradise, although in the original the dimension is called Ether, along with the mod dimension, it adds a lot of everything interestingly related to this dimension. I think that many of you are familiar with it, especially the oldfags of minecraft, because this mod has been in development for over 8 years.
What the Aether 2 mod adds to minecraft:
Aether 2 adds an alternative to Hell - Heaven - to your world. But in order to get to Paradise, we, of course, must visit Hell. The dimension itself is very beautiful and is located in the clouds, consists of floating islands. The dimension contains many biomes and unique structures. There are quite a lot of mobs in Paradise, passive, neutral, aggressive and even NPCs. Lots of tools, weapons and armor made from new materials, including magical ones. New inventory with the ability to wear different items, jewelry. Built-in mod to optimize the game. A small plot, mobs that trade with you and can give tasks.

How to get into a new dimension?