​ HeroesExpansion mod

HeroesExpansion mod - a mod that adds several superheroes to their abilities and costumes.

A mod from Lucraft that adds several types of popular superheroes to the game, in this mod you can become Superman, Black Panther, Thor, Green Arrow, Captain America.

This mod adds a few more superheroes to the universe, the author has already released mods: Speedster Heroes, IronMan, Lantern Corps Universe. At the time of publication of the news, the mod allowed you to turn into Captain America, Superman, Green Arrow, Black Panther, Thor, and such heroes as spiderman, wolverine and ghost rider, hulk also appear in the descriptions of the mod.

Unlike other mods, this one adds a system for turning into a superhero, in order to become a superman you need to find a meteorite, use an extractor to get kryptonite and create a serum, after using it you will have access to recipes for creating costumes, they are created in a special block - a design table.