Armor are items that serve to reduce the damage received by the player and similar mobs. Armor includes helmets, cuirasses, greaves, and boots, which together make up a complete set of armor. There are sets of leather, mail, iron, gold, diamond and netherite armor, as well as an optional turtle shell as a helmet. Each piece of armor has a corresponding slot in the inventory. There are several ways to get armor. At the same time, armor can be repaired by placing two parts of the same type (for example, iron leggings) in a grindstone or crafting grid, using an anvil, preserving the enchantment, and during the collection of experience spheres, if the "Repair" enchantment is applied to the armor.
Download mods for new armor for Minecraft, these mods will add new types of armor for the player. The armor can be vanilla style, or it can be magical or even fantasy.