Forcing interest in the game

Individual game hits like "Gothic" or "Elden Scrolls" take a long time to cre-ate. Their passage may take more than one day or a week of game time. Minecraft differs from such giants in its dynamism. Developers are constantly giving play-ers surprises in the form of mods that allow you to expand the game world and arouse interest, forcing you to devote more time to the game.

What is fashion?

The abbreviation refers to gaming slang for the full word "Modification". These are third-party additions in the form of separate worlds, characters, crafting, mobs, magic and much more that players use in the process of building their own world. Interest is increased by the new adventures of Steve and Alex in new lo-cations (mods) or, in simple terms, new worlds. You can download mods from the official Minecraft website, as well as on other services dedicated to the game.
Mods are divided into categories:
• world;
• Interface;
• resources;
• weapon;
• mobs;
• buildings;
• magic;
• craft (tools, armor).

It is also possible to download RPG mods for Minecraft or install the industrial development of the world. Or you can just drive around the biomes in a sports car.
IMPORTANT!!!! Each mod is a separate build of the game. Compatibility must be checked before installation.

Installing mods

With this question, beginner gamers in Minecraft have a lot of questions. What to do after downloading the mod into the gadget's memory.
There are two options here:
• for mobile devices, you need to install Minecraft Pocket Edition. When down-loading and installing the mod, it is easier to use "Mi Browser", which will au-tomatically offer to install the mod in the root directory of the game. After that, in the settings, if it is provided by the version, you can (but not neces-sarily) enable the Education Edition, which activates a set of chemical elements and equipment, then sets of resources and equipment are added separately;

• for personal computers, a version of Minecraft Forge is provided, it is advis-able to first check the availability of JAVA installation and its version. As a rule, it comes with Windows, but there are exceptions. The downloaded file is opened using this application (by right-clicking on the file and in the "run with" column, select Java). After the process, the command line opens (key com-bination "Win + R"), where the% appdata% command is entered. The next steps are the same for the mobile version.

Various modifications make the plot more interesting; at the same time, those who wish can choose the worlds to their taste: dungeons, hell, mines, another universe, the underwater world. A new set of tools is being developed for each version. The world of Minecraft is developing and enticing with its updates, which allows you to be creative in the gameplay.