Instructions on how to play minecraft online with friends, guide

How to play minecraft online with a friend?

These methods are suitable for any version of the game, including 1.12, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.8.9, 1.7.10 and others, for pirates and litsuhs. (on licensed servers you can ONLY play with a license.)
You can download minecraft here.

1) Play with a friend using Hamachi (online)

- this method is suitable for launching your own world for playing together (or more) at a distance, i.e. via the Internet, with or without mods.

A very detailed article on how to start playing through Hamachi.

2) Play with a friend on a local network (offline).

- this method is suitable for playing with two or more, provided that your computers are nearby and you can connect them with a network wire, or they are connected to the same Wi-Fi, the Internet is not needed, great for the village.

A very detailed article on how to start playing on a local network.

3) Play with friends on servers on the Internet.

A very simple way, you need to find the desired server, find out its IP address, then each of you enters the game, the multiplayer section, clicks on the add server button, enters the IP address of the selected server there, connects to it. (registration is required on most servers, when you first enter you specify a password, read the chat, it is usually written how to register and log in (to save your things and your nickname)), remember that there will be other players on the servers besides you.
Large projects have their own launchers, you register on the site, download the launcher, it downloads and installs a special version of the game itself, you enter your username and password from the site, select already added servers and play.

4) Run it yourself, or buy a ready-made minecraft server.

- You will be able to play by yourself in the same way as in paragraph 3 of this manual, or invite other players.
You can run the server on your own computer, but you need a powerful PC, open ports and a static IP.
You can run a server on any VDS or Dedicated server, but it's all very complicated and requires money, so you better try hamachi.