In this guide you can find tutorials for Thaumic Tinkerer, Forbidden Magic, Thaumic Horizons, Eltectro-Magic Tools, Tainted Magic, Thaumic Energistics, Ex Astris, Automagy, Thaumic Bases, Witching Gadgets, Thaumic Infusion, Arcane Engineering, Thaumic Exploration, as well as all standard studies from Thaumcraft. This guide was created in a week and more than 40 hours of real time were spent on it, so I hope you appreciate it.

Before starting the main research of the thaumonomicon, study all the basic information, there are few studies, but this will give you many bonuses with further study, namely now you will have a chance not to spend an aspect, you will see what they consist of and many other bonuses.

If you do not have a cell in the study, although it is in the guide, then this is normal, they are generated randomly and you can remove them only by creating another recipe, by throwing out the old one, but this is not a guarantee that there will be a cell in this place, because random is not predictable.

If you just want to see all the taumcraft goodies, or for some reason you want to cheat, then in this mod there is a command, this command will give you absolutely all the studies, but if you want to study them, but you are too lazy to look for all aspects, then in this mod has a command for them
it already gives out a certain number of all aspects.