When without help

They write and talk about Minecraft even more than they wrote about Gagarin and Tender May in their time. Without Minecraft symbols, it’s almost impossible to find a store or a recreation area, except perhaps far in the mountains, and then, stories will immediately come to mind that you can dig up useful craft in the mountains.

Abbreviated adaptation

Getting into the world of Minecraft, it is difficult for a beginner to understand what needs to be done, and a knowledgeable friend may not be around. In order to help beginners, as well as some advanced players, a Minecraft guide has been developed. Basically, it's an up-to-date guide and player's guide in one. With the help of tips, players are given the opportunity to learn the basics of the game, and some advanced players can learn new things that they themselves have not noticed. Since the game has impressive game concepts, guides are being developed by direction.
This is what is offered:
• guide to Minecraft mods;
• guide for beginners;
• orientation guide;
• on extraction of resources;
• architecture;
• magic guide;
• on weapons and tools.
Such instructions help to invest in the beginner the main actions, which he subsequently adapts to himself. You can download the Minecraft guide from the official page and from the fan zone page. This will be the first step towards exploring the epic world of Minecraft.
At the initial stages of training, the guides are divided into days. This is done so that the beginner understands life in the game world and the mechanisms of its processes. The instructions also explain many game concepts: who are mobs, creepers and how to build a boat for travel. Through experience, advanced players create many new objects, which are then officially introduced into the game.