The tallest cactus in Minecraft turned out to be even higher

January 9, 2023

Last September, I talked about an ultra-tall cactus found by the participants of the Minecraft@Home project.

It was a 22-block-high cactus that grew in the middle of the Minecraft 1.14 desert.

This height seems crazy, but now the project participants have discovered a new record holder — a cactus with a height of 23 blocks.

He is only 1 block taller, and this seems to be a very small "step", but it took six months to find him, and each time the probability that there will be an even higher cactus decreases.

How to admire the tallest cactus in Minecraft yourself
To do this, install Minecraft 1.14.3, create a new world with the generation key (sid) 184693195438010998.

After entering this world, you need to teleport to the cactus using the command
/tp 16274576 64 10230656.

The search continues
Theoretically, this is not the tallest cactus that can be in the game. Given the features of the cactus generation algorithm in the game, there is a very small probability that a cactus with a height of 49 blocks will be generated in the game.