Minecraft update - 1.19 - called The Wild Update (Wild update), it was released on June 7, 2022. The update will contain the long-awaited Warden mob (Warden, Guardian) and the mangrove biome, as well as various blocks associated with it, as if promised to improve the usual swamp biome. The update is not very big.


• 02/18/2021 - the first version of the update description, relevant for experimental snapshot 1.

• 03/31/2022 - added blocks 22w11a, as well as general information relevant to snapshot 22w13a

• 04/02/2022 - updated to snapshot 22w17a

• 06/06/2022 - updated to RC3 snapshot, which is similar to the release of version 1.19.

• 07/27/2022 - update 1.19.1 has been released, it fixes some bugs and slightly optimizes the game, nothing new has been added.

• 08/05/2022 - update 1.19.2 was released, fixed a bug related to secure chat and a bug on the social interactions screen.

• 11/22/2022 - update 1.19.3 is being prepared for release with many small changes and fixes.

Minecraft update 1.19.3.

After almost 4 months since the release of 1.19.2 and almost 6 months since the release of version 1.19, the developers decided to release version 1.19.3, while they added a camel, new blocks and some other changes planned for 1.20, after several preliminary versions they abandoned them and now version 1.19.3 does not add anything new and significant, but is a release with various minor changes and a bunch of fixes for various errors.

Short list of important changes:

• The appearance of the creative mode has been changed, namely, the tabs and their contents have been redesigned. Blocks are divided into 3 categories: building, colorful, natural, blocks in them can be repeated. There is a separate tab with spawner and mob spawn eggs. Other tabs have also been redesigned, some items are in several tabs.

• Added eggs to summon the dragon of the edge, iron golem, snow golem, wither. (there is only an iron golem in the pre-release)

• Changed some textures, scaffolding, polar bear egg

• Spawner is now present in the summon eggs tab (new creative tab)

• Spawners do not spawn a pig by default, now after installing a spanner by hand, it will not spawn anyone, you can use a spawn egg to add a mob to the spawner.

• Items placed on a shulker box (such as a torch) will drop when the box is opened.

• Rabbits now always drop 1 Raw Rabbit Meat when killed, or 1 Roasted Rabbit Meat when killed by fire.

Turtles take a break of 5 minutes after breeding.
• Skeleton and wither skeleton, enderman in the nether now only spawn at light level 7 and below instead of 11 before.
• New model and texture for the molester, slightly increased hitbox. (invisible strike area)
• The spawner cart will no longer spawn pigs, as the spawner will be empty.
• The fortress generation algorithm has been slightly changed, you will hardly notice the difference, but the code has become more efficient.
• You can check out the most complete changelog on the official game wiki.