Minecraft update - 1.19 - called The Wild Update (Wild update, it was released on June 7, 2022. The update will be done by the long awaited Warden mob and the mangrove biome, as well as various development areas with it, seems to be superior to the ordinary swamp biome. The update was not very fast.


• 02/18/2021 - the first version of the update description, relevant for experimental snapshot 1.

• 03/31/2022 - added blocks 22w11a, as well as general information relevant to snapshot 22w13a

• 04/02/2022 - updated to snapshot 22w17a

• 06/06/2022 - updated to RC3 snapshot, which is similar to the release of version 1.19.

• 07/27/2022 - update 1.19.1 has been released, it fixes some bugs and slightly optimizes the game, nothing new has been added.

• 08/05/2022 - update 1.19.2 was released, fixed a bug related to secure chat and a bug on the social interactions screen.

• 11/22/2022 - update 1.19.3 is being prepared for release with many small changes and fixes