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Minecraft 1.16 is another and very large game update that reworks and updates the lower world of the game (hell). Four new biomes appear in hell,

new mobs and opportunities. In recent years, this is one of the largest updates, the lower world is now much more interesting, diverse and elaborate.

Short list of what's new:

Full, detailed list of what's new in 1.16.5, 1.16.4

New biomes:

4 new biomes in the nether world, they are "crimson forest", "warped forest", "soul sand valley" and "basalt deltas".

Both types of forest are beautiful biomes with large tree-like mushrooms and new vegetation.

Now in hell you can meet the wanderers of the edge (endermen).

In the Soul Sand Valley you will find new structures and blue fire.

In the lower world, structures "Destroyed Bastion" are now generated, 4 different types, piglins spawn there, and loot.

In the normal and nether world, you can find new structures "Ruined Nether Portal", contains a chest with loot.

New mobs:

In the crimson forest there are Hoglins (swinepots), large aggressive pigs with tusks, if they get into the ordinary world,
they will become zoglins, aggressive, attack most mobs next to them, do not attack relatives and creepers.

Piglins can now be found in hell, these are neutral mobs living in the lower world. Armed with a crossbow and a golden sword.

If you are wearing golden armor, they will not attack you, you can trade with them.

On lava lakes you can now meet Striders, these are peaceful mobs that you can ride, including lava like pigs.

In version 1.16.2, a new type of piglin was added - a cruel piglin, it is aggressive towards the player.

New ore and items from it:

A new rare ore has appeared in the lower world, with its help you can create a set of armor and tools that are superior to diamond ones in all respects.

The ore is called ancient debris, and the material of manufacture is netherite. A block of debris is smelted into Netherite Scrap, which in turn produces

Netherite Ingots. Armor and tools are created in a non-standard way, diamond armor is used to which a netherite ingot is added using an anvil.

Hell now has gold ore.

New items, blocks:

The game has a lot of blocks and items related to new biomes and hell, new lamps, torches, new blocks of wood, a chain, a new record with music,
read about all this in the update article.

• You can set the respawn point in hell, and the block to which the compass will point.