In this news you can download Minecraft 1.0.0, this release was the first official version of the game.
This version was released in November 2011, added a large number of innovations.

Those who want nostalgia can download this ancient minecraft 1.0.0 release.

Changelog copied from minecraft wiki

Changes and fixes:

New achievements.

The Glowing Stone has been converted from glass to stone.

There is a limited number of experience orbs dropped by a player upon death.

Changed the blocks that Enderman can carry.

Small changes in some textures (most noticeable for the spawner).

The texture of fireballs of ghasts has been changed.

Upon death, the player's score is shown based on the number of experience orbs they have collected.

Set a delay between jumps (if you press and hold the Spacebar). The player no longer jumps up and down in 2 block high passages.

Item labels are now framed in blue.

Chests with random items in fortresses.

Now, when blocking, the character's hand moves, and not the sword, which "floated" in front of the face.

Reduced tool and weapon damage to allow upgrades through enchanting (diamond sword now deals 3.5 hearts vs 5 before the update).

Changed the health of some mobs (sheep, spiders, zombies).

Reduced mining time for many blocks. Basically, these are blocks with a long mining time.

Coal ore

Iron ore

Gold Ore

Diamond ore

Red ore

lapis lazuli ore

Iron door

Wooden door

Iron block

Golden Block

Diamond block

Stone brick

Iron grate





Obsidian (from 15 to 10 seconds)


In the Nether:

Hell Bricks.

Hell fence.

Hell steps.

Hell fortress.

The End Dimension (informally called "The Ender", or "Enderlands"), instead of the planned Floating Island Dimension.

An End Portal that takes the player from the Overworld to the End. To return, you will have to defeat the Dragon
of the Edge and go through the portal that has appeared.

End portal frame (Unconfirmed title)

End Portal (unconfirmed name)

End game and credits (after that, you can continue to play in this world)

End Stone

New items:

Ghasts tear

Fire rod

Hellish outgrowth

Golden Nugget

Glass flask

Spider Eye

Cooked spider eye

Fire Powder

Lava cream

Sparkling slice of watermelon

Eye of the End

Activates End Portal frame blocks.

9 new records.

Biomes code completed, new biomes added.

Snow biomes.

The swamp now looks more real.

Dark grass

Dark water

Water lilies

Mushroom biome.

Huge mushrooms.

Mushroom cow.


New sound effects including:

The sound of scissors.

Additional bow sounds.

The sound of large slugs.

Sounds of endermen and silverfish.

Changes to existing sounds:

The sound of rain.

New sound for doors, hatches, chests.

New sounds for skeletons that sound more realistic.

The 3rd person bow is now full-length and 3D.

Bows are no longer limited in the number of uses.

If there is lava or water above a 1 block thick ceiling, droplets of the appropriate liquid will "leak" through the block.

Falling 13 blocks down.

6 new mobs:

Ender Dragon (boss)

Dragon egg

Mushroom cow (Mooshroom).

Villagers in villages.

Snow golem.

Can be created.

Melts in warm biomes.

Leaves behind a layer of snow.

Passive, but throws snowballs at enemies.

Two new aggressive mobs in the Nether:

lava cube


Experience is now applied in enchanting.

Each point of experience gives you one point.

Animal reproduction.

Wheat binds the animal to the player and makes him follow him (the player).

Feeding animals includes a "love mode" in them.

Animals "radiate" hearts in love mode.

When breeding, cubs of animals appear.

Endless fortresses on the map (number changed from three to infinity).

New armor system.

Increased armor durability.

Changes in the Sun and Moon:

Moon phases.

The sun and moon are now rising in the east.

Game mechanics changed:

Hardcore mode - If you die, the world is deleted. The life bar changes its appearance to show that it is a Hardcore mode.

Fixing items.

Potions, exploding potions, potion effects, brewing stand and potion brewing.

Enchanting table and enchantment.

Inventory moved to the right.