Changing the face of the world

The highlight of Minecraft is in its graphics, but to improve the appearance of the game and the world, textures are being introduced. They differ by game version. Each game has its own texture.
Important!!! Installing textures from old versions is incompatible with new builds of Minecraft, however texture packs for Minecraft new builds work on earlier versions.

Texture packs or resource packs?

At the moment, these concepts are not distinguished. Initially, there were only texture packs that changed the appearance of the world, but with time and the development of the playing space, and the requests of the players, resource packs appeared that change not only textures, but also game sounds. The new textures are high resolution, even in the "square" graphics of the Minecraft world. For flawless work with textures on a personal computer, experts recommend installing the Optifine mod and downloading textures for Minecraft.Installing texture packs
To install, you need to separately download the texture pack for Minecraft, after making sure that it is compatible with the assembly. There are enough resources containing textures, maps and mods. You can also use individual applications from the Google Market. The choice is up to the player. On a mobile phone, installation is no different from installing mods, it happens automatically. To install a texture pack (resource pack) on Minecraft: [1.17.1], [1.16.5], [1.15.2], [1.14.4], [1.12.2], [1.11.2], [1.7. 10] you need to find the folder resoursepacks. By default, it is located on the C:\ drive, in the "AppData" folder. The downloaded texture pack is copied to this folder. After that, the game starts and in the settings panel, section "Resource Packs", on the left are "available packages", and in the right column "used packages". Moving from the left column to the right one activates the textures in the game. After that, the “Ready” button is pressed and the game can be continued with new updates.