Halloween skins for Minecraft

5 Best Halloween Skins for Minecraft

This is one of the scariest skins that players can get during Halloween in Minecraft. It depicts a boy in a blue shirt and blue shorts with a messed up face. The face is bloodied, with a wide bloody smile all over the face and one glowing red eye.


Zombies are a classic in horror movies and games, and this Halloween we're paying homage to a classic. This skin has all the classic skin additions with exposed bones and flesh, as well as exposed brains. He also has a brown shirt and some black pants to go with all skin.

Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man covers all skin with an orange jumpsuit, a solid orange jumpsuit, and even a helmet. The Helmet also has a gourd stem on top. This is a great skin for players to have during Halloween in Minecraft!

Devil boy costume
The devil boy costume is quite simple, but it is great for playing sports. This skin features a black shirt with red stripes and cool black pants. Its main features are two red horns and red hair on the sides.

Smiling pumpkin mask

The Smiling Pumpkin mask skin is one of the prettiest on this list, and it has a lot of interesting details. He wears a black and orange striped sweatshirt and gray pants. He also has white shoes with orange stripes and black hair. The main sticker is a smiling Pumpkin mask on his face!