Auxiliary software

The bigger and richer the game brainchild of the developer becomes, the more additional software it requires. For a long game, time needs to be brightened up with something. This is where Minecraft plugins come to the rescue. Plugins are small auxiliary programs that are integrated into the game and improve the gameplay and help the player manage this process. Since the world of Minecraft is simply huge, there are separate servers. They can be purchased for personal use for an individual client, and there are also free ones.

Paid or free - that is the question ?!

Repeating Shakespeare's "To be or not to be" developers offer paid and free plugins. Free plugins have little functionality, these include:
• voice chat plugin;
• "killer" obscene nicknames;
• World Edit to easily change the game world;
• server compatibility plugin;
• plugins for decorating and recoloring resources.
Paid assemblies of Minecraft plugins are meant. It would be dishonest and ridiculous to sell a simple application without any "goodies". Therefore, the assemblies include not only the main functions, but also additional mods, mobs, models, liquids and the newest things.
Plugins for the Minecraft server may contain more functions. It all depends on whether it is a personal server or a shared one, as well as on the plugin developer and the cost of the program.
You can download Minecraft plugins separately or install directly from the server. It does not matter here, since most plugins are offered by third-party developers. The simplest ones can be created by enthusiasts to simplify the game mode and introduce innovations.