Maps as a tool to help beginners

Getting into the world of Minecraft, it is not easy for a beginner to study the game world and actions. Ready-made templates facilitate the tasks - Minecraft maps. Ready-made buildings are placed on them, it is possible to repeat, as well as get your first block and make the first tool - a wooden pickaxe.

Idea in a limited world

The difference between the Minecraft map and the main world is the idea and the limited nature of the world. This world can be transformed for yourself, saved, supplemented with mods and skins. Conventionally, cards can be divided into:
• story cards, for passing;
• containing certain buildings;
• setting specific goals and tasks without a storyline;
• maps - shapes (like a SkyBlok or a cube map as an example).
Seasoned gamers often have a desire not to build anything and not bother, but just to run around and complete a couple of tasks. In addition, the map modified by the player can form the basis of a new mod or assembly.
IMPORTANT!!! Maps are designed for specific versions of games and compatibility is a prerequisite before installation.

Installing the map

The installation is based on the texture pack installation system. First you need to download a map for Minecraft. After viewing the plot, description, the downloaded archive (.zip, .rar) is unpacked into the root directory of the game in the "Saves" folder (save). Among the previously saved maps, a new one will appear. It is important to understand that the map is not implemented into the game, is not its addition, but is considered a separate world (part of the game) or a separate storyline.