The WWE cheat client is another collection of cheats with about 65 cheat functions, among which there are extremely useful in a multiplayer game, a working killaura, auto aim (auto aiming at targets), anti fall into the abyss, as well as standard sets of cheat features.
This is the first cheat client that allowed me to cheat in PVP mode on one of those servers and get an extremely high advantage over the players.

I checked 2 servers in the top and it worked fine for me on both:
Anti kickback on impact.
Killaura (auto attack mobs and players).
Auto aim (auto aiming at players).
On one server, the fall back into the void worked fine, I just jumped there and returned back to the blocks with little damage.
On the other, the speedhack with jumps worked perfectly.
Actually, the fact that cheats perfectly show players, chests, mobs through walls, highlight invisibility, allow you to use inventory while walking, a free camera, auto armor, auto food, and so on.

Managing cheat features:
Opens a menu on the right shift.
You can move the cheat subcategory buttons around the screen, open the category - RMB
Activate a specific cheat - LMB (highlighted in red).
Configure - RMB.