Textures XRay Ultimate for Minecraft

Almost everyone knows the most famous cheat for Minecraft called XRay, it makes all blocks transparent except for the valuable ones, this allows you to quickly and easily accumulate the necessary resources.

Naturally, server administrators are trying to stop cheating, introducing anti-cheat plugins, creating their own clients that XRay cannot be added to. But, here it is an opportunity to cheat - we created a texture pack that turns almost all blocks in the game into glass, wool, lava, water and other trifles remain visible, all useful resources take on a flooded look with the letter of the element, or are simply brightly highlighted, or they are simply seen in contrast to the empty rock.

Of course, this is not XRay at all, it is something similar, not working so well, but still better than nothing, it works acceptable with Optifine.

Textures support mods:
Optifine HD thaumcraft Industrial craft 2 substratum neotech inductive automation pixelmon