SkillClient is a minecraft cheat client, a collection of a large number of different cheats and cheating features for the minecraft game, suitable for use in a single player game, and to gain an advantage over players on servers.
Nice and user-friendly interface, lots of features.

This client, or rather the cheat mod, contains about 70 functions, all of which are turned on and off in a special searchable menu, they are also sorted into categories. For most cheats, you can customize the activation key, as well as configure various other parameters.

Open cheat menu: Right Shift.

List of features: Show / Hide text

Regarding the work of some functions in singleplayer and on servers.
Attention, some functions may not work both in a single player and in an online game, in an online game a lot depends on the server and anti-cheats, most likely on 99% of the servers you cannot fly and be invisible, but many other cheats work fine on servers, but they also give a big advantage, tritely seeing players through walls or noticing loot in the grass.