Matix is a fairly popular cheat client for minecraft containing about 35 cheat functions, you can use them in a single player game or try to cheat on servers.
However, this is far from the best cheat client, the usual functions, not the most convenient menu and the ability to customize, at the moment I consider SkillClient the most advanced cheat client

Feature List:

  • AutoFish - automatic fishing, just cast your line.
  •  AutoTool - automatically picks up the correct tool from your hotbar.
  • FastPlace - allows you to place blocks faster.
  •  MiddleClick - allows you to add friends on the middle mouse button.
  • Nuker - allows you to break everything around within a radius of 4 blocks, but you need creativity, without it it breaks grass perfectly.
  •  RotationDerp - rotates the head (only for other players) SkinDerp - enable/disable your skin.
  • Fullbright - full brightness, visible in the dark Nofall - Removes fall damage.
  • AntiFall - Prevents falls more than 3 blocks, but requires NoCheatPlus on the server.
  • Dolphin - allows you to swim for you Elytra - allows you to fly up on the elytra.
  • Flight - allows you to fly (does not work on servers) NoItemSlowdown - allows you to use a bow, shield, food at full movement speed.
  •  SafeWalk - prevents falling off the edge of a block Sprint - automatic sprint Step - some strange jump VanillaFly - on servers without anti-cheats will allow you to fly 8 times longer.
    ClickAimbot - allows you to effectively attack enemies at an accessible distance and allows you not to aim to hit, has commands to disable different categories, players, mobs, animals. Criticals - while attacking, you will make a small jump that will allow you to deal critical damage. KillAura - automatically hits the entities around you, allows you to customize the list of entities.
  • TriggerBot - automatically attacks targets if the left Alt key is held down. Velocity - allows you to change the number of hits that you perform when hit. Panic - disables all active modules. Xray - allows you to highlight certain blocks, there is a special menu that allows you to specify blocks. Arraylist - list of included modules BlockESP - allows you to highlight certain added blocks.
  • MobESP - shows mobs through walls NameTags - Shows the player's name and their health and armor.
  •  PlayerESP - shows players through walls Projectiles - shows the trajectory of arrows, snowballs, eggs.
  • Wallhack - Allows you to see through walls.
  • WorldEditESP - displays the area selected by the world edit

Enabling the mode of binding shortcut keys:
enter in the chat #key gui

A few words about working on servers:
Like everywhere else, especially fat cheats do not work on most servers, but the ability to auto-fish, auto-change tool, quickly install blocks, cause critical damage, auto-attack players, highlight players and mobs through walls, xray, auto-swim. Everything related to the player's movement, falling does not work.