Cheat KAMI Blue is a mod collection of cheats for version 1.12.2, it contains 160+ useful features, some will allow you to get an advantage on the servers, and some will just be useful in a normal game.

Like many other cheat mods or a cheat client, this one contains a menu in which there are many options, the functions are very flexible and you can customize each one for yourself, bind a key, change the color, display it on the game screen and much more.

The cheat menu opens with the Y key and looks like this:

All functions are grouped, each group can be moved to another place, change its color, make it visible during the game. A left-click on a function activates it, a right-click opens its settings.

The most important and useful features (not all):
AntiSpam - allows you to remove ads and spam from the chat AutoExcuse - automatic message when you die. ChatEncryption - allows you to encrypt and decrypt chat messages. ChatFilter - allows you to filter words or phrases. ChatTimestamp - shows the time the message was sent in the chat. CustomChat - allows you to add a unique ending to your messages. FancyChat - makes your messages "fancy" FriendHighlight - highlights your friends' messages Spammer - spamming text from a file with a specified delay.
Battle: AimBot - auto targeting, aimbot AntiBot - allows you to avoid attacks on fake players. AntiFriendHit allows you not to damage your friends Aura - an aura that allows you to automatically strike at objects around you. AutoArmour - auto putting on armor AutoEZ - automatically sends insult messages to the chat after you kill Criticals - allows you to always deal critical damage Surround - quickly surrounds you with obsidian for protection VisualRange - Shows players that range in and out near you (in chat)

Miscellaneous: AntiAFC - prevents an AFK kick AntiWeather - removes rain from your world AutoFish - auto fishing AutoMine - auto mining AutoRespawn - auto respawn AutoTool - automatic switching to the best tools DiscordRPC - display game in discord status FakePlayer - creates a fake player on your client side FakeVanillaClient - fakes information about your client, showing up as without mods.
Movement: AntiHunger - reduces the feeling of hunger when moving AntiLevitation - disables the levitation effect. AutoJump - automatically jumps if possible AutoRemount - automatically mounts a horse AutoWalk - automatically goes somewhere ElytraFlight - makes it easier to fly on the elytra and allows you to fly as long as you want ElytraReplace - automatically changes the chest and elytra FastFall - makes you fall faster Flight - flight IceSpeed - allows you to move faster on ice InventoryMove - allows you to move with an open inventory Jesus - allows you to walk on water NoSlowDown - disables slowdown when using items or when walking through the web SafeWalk - prevents you from falling off the block Sprint - auto sprint Step - allows you to climb several blocks in a row with a step instead of jumping.


  • AutoEat - automatically feeds the player
  • ChestStealer - allows you to instantly pick up items from the chest
  • FastUse - allows you to use items faster
  •  Freecam - free camera
  • InventoryManager - automatic operations with your inventory
  •  LagNotifier - server lag warning
  •  LiquidInteract - allows you to place blocks on liquid

A game:

  • AntiFog - removes game fog
  • AntiOverlay removes the effects of fire, water, blocks.
  • ArmourHUD - shows your armor and durability
  •  BreakingESP - highlights the process (progress) of block breaking
  • CameraClip - allows the 3rd person camera to clip through blocks
  • ESP - highlights players and mobs (entities)
  •  EyeFinder - draws lines from the heads of entities in the direction from the view.
  • FullBright - maximum brightness.
  •  MobOwner - displays the owner of the pet.
  • Search - highlights blocks in the world
  • Ability to display your inventory while playing
  • Trajectories - display of the fall trajectory
  • TabFriends - friends tab