Cheat client Impact is a fairly large and high-quality collection of cheats for minecraft containing about 110 functions that will be useful to you when playing minecraft both in single player and in a network game.

Like most cheat clients, it has a menu for activating functions divided into different groups, it is classic, has several groups, expands, each function has settings and the ability to assign a shortcut key, and some functions have several modes of operation.
So the hack for fast running has several types of jumps. The pack contains the most popular types of hacks, from automatic aiming at a target, to killaura (auto strike) and xray, jesus, highlighting things and blocks.

As with most cheat clients, performance depends ONLY on the server on which you are trying to cheat, if the server is of high quality it has protection that will not allow you to fly, run fast, fall, etc.
But even on the most secure servers, there is no protection from many useful functions, such as xray (shows all resources), from highlighting all mobs, chests and things lying on the ground.

The functions of auto food, auto putting on armor, auto selection of weapons and tools, and much more also work.