Hello everyone, I'm Arthur with you, and today I'll tell you about such a "wonderful" cheat as Huzuni. Wonderful, I put it in quotes because some people hate cheats, but this does not mean to immediately put the news minus genius
This cheat client adds a lot of features, in total there are about 40 cheat mods for the game, by installing them you can get various advantages over other players, or just in a single-player game. In fact, there are 2 variants of the Huzuni cheat, this is the Huzuni cheat client, on new versions it is a cheat mod, that is, a mod that has collected a bunch of cheat mods.
Here is a list of my favorite features: Show / Hide text

You can also put dots to find some place (minez is fine), but xray here is just super, a convenient menu for setting the blocks that you need to find or adjusting transparency.