[Hack Client`s][1.8+]

I will start to tell from the weakest to the most powerful cheat client. It's up to you to choose which one to try. All clients for versions 1.8 - 1.8.8 Download to your health, but remember that cheats are EVIL!
Third place goes to a simple but powerful cheat client called Evil Hack. Its design is so-so, but the feature set should make you happy!
Cheats list:
X-ray - I think everyone knows.
Dolphin - walking on water
Kill Aura - everyone knows.
NoFall - No fall damage is dealt.
Regen - lives regenerate instantly.
FullBright - light even at night
Sprint - become the Flash!
BannyHop - I think everyone knows.
and much more...

In second place, I put a cheat client that I think everyone already knows. Nodus, of course! true-story Great functionality and good design, and most importantly - quality. Well, I think that everyone already knows this =)
Cheats list:
X-ray - everyone knows.
NoFall - it doesn't hurt to fall.
ESP - clearance through walls!
ChestsESP - Chests have become easier to find.
AimBot - everyone knows.
and much more..

And in the first place I put the cheat client that I myself used for a long time a year ago. I no longer know cheat clients of the same quality and functionality as Wolfram. Good design, and most importantly - a fully working client! + Frequent updates. This client also contains Optifine! misc-all
Cheats list:
Criticals - now it's not a problem to merge the enemy with three hits!
Step - climb blocks without jumping!
Regen - fast regen (working!)
BlockHuntESP - now it's easy to find people hiding in hide and seek!
TriggerBot - fights for you.
and much more...