Merry quackery

Large game worlds sometimes become boring, and the player's skill level is so high that most of the game options are no longer captivating. Cheats for Minecraft allow you to diversify the game.
Cheats are small programs that are embedded in the assembly with the game and change some parameters of the game code by entering a command. Such cheats allow:
• beginners - adapt to the game;
• venerable players - just diversify the process.
If we talk about famous cheats, then it is worth remembering such hits as: "Mortal Kombat", where passive cheats were combinations of keys held down on the joystick or "Diablo", where by entering a certain command you could get the whole craft.

Cheats for all occasions

A Minecraft cheat does not have to give the main character any superpowers or ammunition. There are many long actions in Minecraft that I would like to shorten a little. Formally, they can be divided into several categories:
• cheats-assistants. Such additions allow you to find resources or minerals, cut down trees at a time;
• combat cheats for Minecraft - improve the hero's abilities, increase armor, make it possible to move faster or jump higher;
• resource cheats - allow you to get the necessary or an infinite amount of resources;
• texture cheats - change the external features of the world (weather conditions, nature, the appearance of individual buildings and locations). You can download cheats for Minecraft, but they are, for the most part, paid. The free versions are available in single player, but don't really affect the gameplay.
IMPORTANT!!! Before downloading, you need to make sure that the downloaded cheats are suitable for the existing Minecraft build.
In general, cheats are designed to simplify certain actions during the game.